WPBA Girls Softball Regulations

Revised March 8, 2011

Softball Divisions

Summer: 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, and 17o

Fall: 10u, 12u, 14u, and 16u

Qualification of Towns

A town is considered in good standing with the WPBA when they are current with town membership dues, team fees, forfeit bond fees, and present proof of insurance with waivers indicating the WPBA as an additionally insured party.

The WPBA Board of Directors will manage a forfeit bond for each town. The bond must be posted in order for a town’s teams to be eligible to participate in WPBA events.

A town must be in good standing to register teams for an upcoming season.

Eligibility of Players

A player must live within the boundary of the School District in which the town team is represented. A player from a bordering town may play if the bordering town does not have a team in the league, must be of the correct “league age” for the division, and must have parental consent.

A player’s age on January 1st of the current year is the player’s league age.

A player in a lower age division may “play up” to the next higher age division as long as she remains in the same town. A player may not “play down” with a younger age group.

A town wishing to add players from outside of its town boundaries must contact the town director from the town where the player resides, and the league director, and obtain approval from both.

For the Fall season, the WPBA has the right to exclude any town or team that has not participated in the Summer season.

Any player that plays on an out of town Fall team, reverts back to her residing town the following Summer season.


Rosters must be submitted to the Division Coordinators prior to the start of each season. A form for this information can be found on the WPBA web site. The roster must include the player’s name, date of birth, home street address, and home phone number. A team must be able to produce birth certificates for their players if requested by the Division Coordinator, or if participating in a WPBA Tournament.

Rescheduling Games

Once the game schedule has been set for the season, if a team requests a change in a game date, the team requesting the change must gain agreement with the opposing coach on a make-up date, and then let the Division Coordinator know of the change, and then let the umpires know accordingly.

In the case of a rain make-up, both teams must agree on a make-up date, and then let the Division Coordinator know of the change, and then let the umpires know accordingly.

If both coaches cannot agree upon a make-up date, the rescheduling coach must contact the Division Coordinator. The Division Coordinator will either set a new date or declare a forfeit for the rescheduling team depending on circumstance.

All rescheduled games require at least 48 hours advance notice to both teams, the Division Coordinator, and the umpires.

For the Fall season, games cannot be made up.

Forfeiting Games

In the case of a forfeit, the town will pay a $300 fine to the league before the next scheduled game for the team. In the case of a second forfeit, the Board may decide to eject the offending team or the entire town from the league. In the case of a third forfeit, that team shall be deemed to have a season forfeit, be disqualified, lose the town bond, and that bond must be replenished before said town’s other teams can continue.

Inability to field eight (8) players for a game shall result in a forfeit. Teams are given a 15 minute grace period to field 8 players before resulting in a forfeit.

Game Incidents

Any conduct deemed detrimental to the game by the game umpire shall result in a game ejection or forfeiture. If anyone associated with a team (coach or player) is ejected from a game, that person will have an automatic one (1) game suspension, for the following game played, the first time. The second time that same person is ejected, the WPBA Board will review the matter for further disciplinary action.

Game umpires will notify the appropriate league official of the suspended person’s name and game conduct.

Game Rules

Unless otherwise noted, all games strictly follow ASA fastpitch softball rules and regulations.

Fall Season Roster Batting

A coach has the option of batting the entire roster in the Fall season.

Time Limit / Mercy Rule

No new inning starts after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

A team trailing the leading team by 12 runs after 5 innings (4½ innings with the home team ahead) shall concede defeat immediately. Please note that the home team gets last licks if losing.


All bats must be ASA approved softball bats. All helmets must have chin straps and face guards. Softballs must be ASA approved yellow optic softballs, leather cover, red stitch, maximum 375 lbs. compression, and .47 COR. All divisions must use 12-inch softballs, except for the 10u division which must use 11-inch softballs. The home team must supply the game balls. Fielders are permitted to wear game face masks. No metal cleats are allowed.

Field of Play

The field of play must conform to ASA fastpitch softball rules for the appropriate age division.  43 feet pitching distance for 14u, 16u and17 age divisions, 40 feet pitching distance for 12u age division and 10u division pitches from 35 feet. Double first base (white and orange) is mandatory.

Modifications/Clarifications for the 10u Division

1. Infield fly rule is in effect.

2. Catcher need not throw on dropped third strike – batter is out on third strike either way.

3. Stealing all bases is permitted (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home).

4. Only one base on a steal per pitch is allowed.

5. No advancing on an overthrow when stealing.

6. The pitcher shall pitch from 35 feet.

7. Bunting is permitted.

8. Four (4) outfielders are permitted.

9. Stealing on a walk is permitted.

10. Flex player is permitted.

11. Double 1st base bag is mandatory.

12. All helmets must have a face mask and chin straps.

13. Fielders are permitted to wear game face masks.

14. 11″ yellow ball is mandatory. 375lb .47cor

15. Home team must supply game balls and ASA Certified umpires. (Umpires with No   patch are No good)

16. Can steal when ball passes home plate.

17. There is a 5-run per inning maximum rule in the 10 U league with the exception of the last inning played where 3 outs must be recorded to end an inning (Please note: if the umpire decides the 4th or 5th inning will be the last inning played due to time issues, then that becomes the inning where there is no maximum run rule).

18. If a pitcher hits two batters in one inning, she is disqualified from pitching for the remainder of the inning but she may remain in the field at another position.  That pitcher may return to pitching in a subsequent inning, however if she hits two more batters in the remainder of the game, she is disqualified from pitching for the rest of the game.  She may remain in the field at another position.

Modifications/Clarifications for the 17o Division

1. Extra hitter is permitted – no agreement between teams is required.

2. Players may live anywhere – teams are not restricted to only take players from their own towns.

3. Metal spikes ARE allowed at 17 O level.


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